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OIS Security and Defense Technologies Inc.  stepped into the sector in 1998 to create the standards of a safer life, led by new technologies that place nature and people at the center.

OIS Inc. , which is also an R&D company. continues to work with an understanding that guides change in the international sector in the fields of security, defense, energy and lighting.

With its factory with a covered production area of 5.000 m2, OIS Inc. as a manufacturing solution partner, offers costumised special productions in accordance with the qualifications required by the sector or demanded by the user. In addition to cameras and security equipment, the product range includes renewable (solar, wind and hybrid) energy-powered systems, anti drone systems, ballistic camera  systems, under vehicle imaging and recording systems, smart detection, license plate and facial recognition systems, and solar multifunction smart mast systems are available. 

OIS Inc. , specialise in off grid lighting, utilising the latest and highly efficient vertical panoramic solar  photovoltaic  technology  with  LED illuminants  ,  operated  by  a  program  to  optimise  light  distribution. With our powerful off grid solar LED lights, we offer a  competitive alternative  to  conventional  lighting  systems.  Our  range  of  lighting models is suitable for pathways, streets, highways, gardens, parks, pedestrian areas and cycle paths. The unrivalled aesthetics , economic efficiency and eco-friendliness are setting new standards. 

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